Why the blog name?

Luke 21:41-42 references Christ going off “a stone’s throw away” from his disciples to pray. He was never very far from them. Sometimes they slept and sometimes they were confused and sometimes they got things wrong, but Jesus was always near. For the entire Holy Week of Easter, Christ is basically never more than a stone’s throw from his disciples in those last days.

We have moved a long way away from home (Kentucky). But however far we go, there God is! He is never far, and always doing a good work into which He invites us, even if we are confused, or tired, or not really sure exactly what we should be doing. We are never far from the home we have in Him.

But we are still far away from our earthly home, and our families. Luckily, with modern communications technologies allowing Facetime, and iMessaging, and internet calling, and cheaper airfares, etc, the vast distance isn’t quite as far as it used to be. It’s really just a “stone’s throw away.”

Plus… and this one is the big twist ending… our last name is STONE! Bet you didn’t see that one coming. We had to have a pun in the name. 🙂

This blog will eventually have more content; stories from our life here, pictures, and other material. Some will be duplicative with our monthly newsletter, some won’t be. So stayed tuned!

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